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This is a class project for my Gov/Econ class at Berkeley High School.


1. Average pay was $39959 last year, up $46 — or less than a buck a week. It is nice to know that the majorities, basic wage now verges on the poverty line.

2. With Compound Interest, you work out the interest for the first period, add it to the total, and then calculate the interest.

3. It depends on if i’m making a good amount of money! it also depends on how big my my family is! if i am single with a low income and a huge family, then i do not think i wil be able to support my family!. But if i am a single parent with a fair amount of money then i would say “yea sure of course i can  be single and support my family.

4. 1. Why is this map green. 2. Lots people have light green 3. not that many people have dark green.

5. (1) people with the dark green must be getting paid real good! (2) people with light green are poor. (3) people with medium aren’t making that much. (4) the most rich people live in the east side of the of the map. (5) the poor people live in the south region of the map.