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This is a class project for my Gov/Econ class at Berkeley High School.

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Part 1



FRESHMAN YEAR! Caption: me, Mykeisha and Yuly on Rally day 2008

b.) Freshman I remember when every one one kept coming up to me on the first day because I looked so different and I had acted different form what I did in the 6thth grade. In 6th grade I dressed differently and was very shy. People sort of called me the “Tom Boy” which I think I was. I just loved to play basketball with boys and hang out with them. So i guess that considers me a “Tom boy” then whatever. I was doing me. So when they saw me on the first and second day of school people had to take a double look.

c.) Freshman year I remember watching watching this movie called CRASH in Ms. Erby’s class. The reason why i remember that movie above of the rest of academic pieces we did was because, that was the saddest movie I ever seen. I had to almost close my eyes during the whole movie. it was these people and there different stories and how they were all connected in some way. I remember lady giving this one story on how because she was black she was accused of something, and the cop that had accused her was white. The cop was already heated about something so he took his angry out on the lady. So when he grab her he shoved to the grown fingered her in her Virginia and then molested her. We had to write a paper on the movie. But I will never forget that scene.

d.) If I could re-do one thing from freshman year it would to know everything I know now from senior as for college and requirements and apply that knowledge to my freshman year to stay on track and and make I meet all the college requirements back then.



f.) my motto would have been “PARTY PARTY PARTY!” because that’s all that I cared about back in my freshman year. In the 9th grade  I thought I was the stuff and some more. Because people have never seen me that way, looking all brand new. That was my motto Freshman year and freshman year only!

Part 2:



b.) Returning as a sophomore there was really a huge difference or anything like that. I was still thinking of the fact people love the fact I was looking cute so I wanted to do the same thing for sophomore year making sure people saw me. Surely they did first day of school people were loving my outfit and admiring me again. I had loved the adulation’s (I was a little conceded freshman and sophomore year lol)

c.) Major news was that people found out I had a boo/ boyfriend who was cute and people kept asking me who he was and how long we been going out and things like that. We were always together at lunch and after school. He was only the second boy I had kissed. People were always making little comments when they saw using kissing and things like that. Girls were always trying to get at him. So those girls were trying to see how long we was going to last.

d.) I remember reading the book MAUS I & II. I like the fact that it was a comic book so I didn’t think we would have to read that much. When I got the book I was look at Mr. Becker like “what the heck is this?” While reading the book that was my first time hearing about the Holocaust and knowing what it was truly about. I remember we had to a court trial and see who was guilty or innocent and I came in dressed for the part.



g.) My motto for sophomore year was to “keep doing you Tiff you still cute and you dating a fine negro” I was still doing me not caring what people thought because I had my boo and he was the only guy I needed. I had left my friends because I just wanted to be with him. I was in that state of mind of He was the one for me!” (please!)

Part 3:



b.) The hardest thing about being a junior was the fact I had to sign up for so many Sat’s and ACT’s I didn’t want to do it I was sick and tired of the work I wanted my senior to come so I could have had the senior experience.

c.) I remember that everyone wanted to fight this one girl (not going to put the name) because she was really messy and always was in people’s business. And that she was having a whole bunch of sex with all the guys. All the guys wanted to get with her because she was really easy to get with. So she had let them use her.

e.) I was that this person was going out with other person because they been best friends for so long I never thought they would be together so it was really shocking see them together, holding hands down the hall way and seeing them making out on the foot ball field.

f.) I remember Learning about feminism in Ms. Erby’s class, how she explain the story of Snow white and the seven dwarfs in a whole different way! she talked about how the story snow white was actually seductive and how she always needed a man to everything for her that’s why she had all of those men in her house so that she could them do things for her. When she explain the story that way I was like “dang i will never be able to watch movie the same with my little cousin ever again!”



h.) my motto would have been its almost time to be a senior time get this year done! So i needed to change some things about me I need to get my work done so that i can have a fun year senior year.

Part 4:


b.) Best think about senior year was not having a first period so I can sleep in more I was too juiced about that and couldn’t wait to get to class at 9 and 10:30 while everyone else had to be their early. I got  to sleep in. I don’t why even though i didn’t have a first period i was still late to class. That i could reap all the benefits of being a senior which i had loved the most.

c.) I would go back and tell my freshman year that make sure you get your stuff done so that your grade look for college or else your going to end up at community college first. To sign up for scholarships now so that you can get that good money for college because college now is super expansive. I would also tell them to start saving up because senior year is really expansive because so much thing that your going to want to buy, but cant cause your broke and trying to get ready for college.

d.) The Major new that will have a major impact is hearing that your grades from your junior year is the grades that went into the college gpa and you cant change it. I didn’t my years in high school seriously procrastination really got to the best of me. And has really impacted me really harshly. So now its going to be hard trying to find really good study habits.

e.) “Never would have made it” by Marvin Sapp. Because without God I truly wouldn’t have made it. Without my supportive mother i wouldn’t have made it. without my loving church family that was always there for me i wouldn’t have made it. Without my sisters who were always there for me i wouldn’t have made it. But since i have them i made it!

f.) I learned that if you procrastinate in all of those areas, you will not be successful but just be really stressed out and tired. But that I need too break bad habits now or will come back on me in my future. I learned that if i continue to be true my self and God I will go far. When you have a good attitude people are going to like you for that! And soon opportunities will come and I will be grateful.

g.) I am most definitely proud of the fact that i didn’t give up when i wanted to. That when it came time to get my work in i did. I am proud of the person i become i went from being shy, to being a little conceded, to only need one man, to Being needing friends who are really there for you, then to becoming a Mighty Women Of God. I am of the fact that people highly respect me and come to me for help and spiritual advise young and adults (that’s great wisdom right there)